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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

In many cases, yes, mint in box figures have been shelved for years and look brand new. Some are even kept in plastic. However, most of our mint in box figures contained shelf wear consistent with storage.

In many cases, yes, our pieces are brand new with only negligible shelf wear. We do buy collections and some of those pieces  may have shelf wear or may even be somewhat dirty. Some of those pieces have also been customized and have noticeable wear to them that is purposeful. Please look at the pictures closely as your purchase is "acceptance" of the items as pictured and listed on our web site. If you still have questions, please read our refund policy.

Our store uses Shopify and PayPal, if you are having trouble paying for your order, please check the help sections of either of those web sites. Also note:

  1. BlackOpsToys does utilize an address verification system for your street address or your zip code. Your billing address or zip code MUST match the address your banking or credit institution has on file for you.
  2. You MUST include the CVV (three digit code) from the back of your card. This holds true whether it is a debit or credit card. If you do not enter the CVV code, your card will be declined.
  3. If you are outside the United States, you are advised to use a credit card drawn off an internationally recognized bank system, i.e., Chase, Citi, HSBC, etc. Your banking institution MUST allow address verification. If it does not, you cannot pay with a credit/debit card.


No. We do apologize, but we cannot accept a personal check.

No. We do not accept cash as a form of payment on our web site.

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Product Listing FAQ

Generally, we try to follow a consistent formula for our listing descriptions (Manufacturer) - (Scale) - (Details) - (Sku/Item Number)

If you are curious about other items from a given figure. You can search up that SKU/Item Number in our search bar, and find any other items from that figure that we have listed.

The breakdown in this FAQ section is intended to help customers find items through the search functions using keywords that we use for our items.

We sell 1/6 Scale or 1/12inch figures. Anything not labeled as a specific "other scale", will be 1/6 scale. 1/12 scale are 6” figures and will be labeled, as well as having the orange background in the product photos. We carry a few 1/4 scale figures. Custom scale figures will have their details in the description, and will be labeled as “other scale”.

We make out own custom in house 3D printed parts. Shipping time may take up to 3 days for printing, sanding, & shipping of the items. All work is done in house for these items. Pieces are made of either a hard black resin/soft flexible resin/or a tough resin for pegs. All information about what material is used will be listed in the item description. Magnetic parts are compatible with each other and are labeled as such.

We label each boot with its type. Foot type boots are for an insertable foot, and peg type boots are for pegs (If you have any questions about what kind of pegs will fit a given shoe. Reach out to us through out customer service email, and we’d be happy to test them for you, or give you any additional information to make sure parts are compatible.)

All head sculpts are titled with “Head Sculpt” with a space. Then male or female to differentiate them. Bodies are simply labeled as “Body” as well as having male or female to differentiate. Wrist pegs/pins are labeled as “Pegs” For Hand/Wrist & Foot pegs respectively. Hands are either labeled as “Hands” or “Hand Set”. And feet are labeled as “feet”

All weapons will have their weapon type in the title. (Rifle/Submachine Gun/LMG/Light Machine Gun/Rocket Launcher/Bazooka/Sniper Rifle) As well as any identifying information about the weapon. For any questions about weapon accessories like scopes/suppressors/grips being compatible with your rifle or vice/versa. Please reach out through the customer service email and we'd be happy to test them for you. Generally attachments will fit rifles of the same vendor.

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Web Site Shopping Questions

This means that the product is not for sale on our web site. Though it may have been for sale at one time, if the product is out of stock, it will not show up when you search for it.

This means that the product is not for sale anymore on our web site. Though you may have purchased it at one time, if the product is out of stock, it will not show up when you search for it.

No. Once your order is complete, regardless of payment type, it cannot be modified.

No. We do not hold orders. If you place an order on our website we will ship the item out to you during our business hours.

We do not hold multiple orders and our business cannot act as a freight forwarder to collect items for you from other companies and then send them all in a package.

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Shipping Questions

Yes. BlackOpsToys ships worldwide, however, shipping outside of the United States is more expensive and shipping/handling prices reflect the rate increase. Our shipping prices are extremely competitive and we do not profit on shipping and handling charges.

BlackOpsToys ships worldwide, via the United States Post Office, to ALMOST any country we are legally allowed to ship to. If you have concerns about your country, please visit the USPS web site and check to see if your country is listed: USPS - Send International Mail.

The best way to check and see if our company ships to your country is go put an item in your cart and then click the Checkout button. Once on the checkout screen put in your address and use the dropdown to select your country. If you country is there, we can ship to you.

BlackOpsToys does not ship to Germany, Indonesia, Nigeria, the Philippines, and quite a few other countries. We do not ship to Germany due to shipping and LUCID issues. As for other countries it is generally because we cannot process payments from those countries due to extreme credit card fraud issues. We do not accept any credit card orders from these countries.

Mail gets picked up from the office at around 10:00 AM Pacific Time. If you place an order before then, it should be shipped the same day. Otherwise it will be the day after. (Except weekends and holidays)

International packages will depend on location. We use USPS international. Some packages will take a while to reach their destinations, as shipping has changed post COVID. Please allow time for the package to reach you.

No. Once we ship the product out to you, we put the package in the hands of the United States Post Office and it's delivery. Please be aware that your package may be searched. Mint in Box figures are shipped that way, and any search by customs does/should not diminish the Mint classification of the item.

We include delivery confirmation on all orders shipped within the United States and to military postal addresses. Once your order is processed for shipping, you will receive an email from us with your delivery confirmation number. Most orders sent outside the United States cannot be shipped with any kind of delivery confirmation. Some countries like Canada and UK have tracking from the USA to those countries. For more information, you can view the USPS web site. We send you the Customs form number you can use if your package is delayed, but be aware that this is NOT a delivery confirmation number.


No. We do not hold orders. If you place an order on our website we will ship the item out to you during our business hours.

We do not hold multiple orders and our business cannot act as a freight forwarder to collect items for you from other companies and then send them all in a package.


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Collection Buying Questions

We are looking for 1/6 scale or 1/12 scale collections, preferably mint in box. We will look at a loose gear collections if they are in good condition. Please also note that:

  • Product must be in new or like-new condition with nothing glued or broken.
  • We must be able to view pictures of the collection
  • We would prefer that you have a list of product model numbers and the names of the figures

We will work with you to come to fair terms for both parties. We do pay for larger collections in a Payment plan form and we pay in thirds. The first payment will be made when when you ship the items. Second payment a week after and final payment is a week after that. Products must be shipped upon first payment so that we can get them listed.

BlackOpsToys will pay for shipping your collection. We will send you pre-paid mailing labels. All we need is your address and the dimensions and weight of each box, the labels will be sent via email and you can print them and tape them on the package and then drop the package off at our local post office. We make it easy.

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PreOrder Questions

No. Due to worldwide production and shipping changes, BlackOpsToys is no longer offering preorders.

We are honoring all past preorders that have not come in and will do our best to fulfill the preorder product for you. If we have any problems, we will contact you via email.

Product estimated ship date is from the manufacturer. Some products will miss their estimated ship date due to manufacturer delays. BlackOpsToys is not responsible for product delays from the manufacturer. We ship them as soon as we get them.

If you would like to request a cancellation, they are taken on a case by case basis. You must submit your request in writing and include your order number. Please use our Contact Us page to send your cancellation request.  Please note that we do not accept cancellations on preorder items once the order has been placed from the distributor, because we cannot cancel the order on our end. If we approve your preorder cancellation, 20% of the product price will be kept as a non-refundable deposit.

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