Contact Us

BlackOPSToys is located in Oregon, in the United States, and is on Pacific Time.

The office hours are Monday though Friday, from 9 AM to 4 PM. The best way to contact the office is via this contact form. 

I answer most emails within 24 hours unless it's the weekend or I am traveling. Please be mindful that this business is a one-man-show.  If you send an email, send a Facebook message AND fill out this form it all goes to the same person, me! 

Please also be mindful of the email auto responders you receive. 

If my email autoresponder says I'm on vacation, sending me a Facebook message that says "hey, I know you're on vacation, but can you please do .... for me?" is actually interrupting the this one-man-show while I am getting some r-and-r so that I can come back and be available. 

Thanks for your understanding,