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Rare ZERT Exclusive Super Death Squad 13 Halo Nuke Team Mint in Box

Designer MSE


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ZERT Exclusive Super Death Squad 13 Halo Nuke Team "Wolf" Figure Mint in Bo

Z.E.R.T. 1/6 Scale Action figure (Super Death Squad 13) – SDS-13 “Wolf”. This, the second figure based off the three Tier 1 units within Z.E.R.T. SDS13 ”Wolf” was created with the likeness of Special Operations Instructor Mr. Wolf who has extensive experience in military free-fall operations. A Very select few Special Forces Operators (Navy SEAL or Army Special Forces teams) ever became a “Green Light” team member, trained to infiltrate with the SADM device into denied areas. Although now declassified, the particulars of this mission and the men who were selected to perform it, remains in the shadows to this day. However, declassified film footage, featuring NSW personnel, can be found online as well as a mock up of the MK54 SADM in the National Museum of nuclear science and history in Albuquerque, N.M. The SADAM MK 54 (Special Atomic Demolition Munitions) was a class of man portable nuclear weapon developed during the Cold War. SADMs could be emplaced by Special Forces teams, then detonated on command or by timer to create massive obstructions. By destroying key terrain features or choke points such as bridges, dams, mountain passes and tunnels, ADMs could serve to create physical as well as radiological obstacles to the movement of enemy forces and thus channel them into prepared killing zones.

The ZERT SDS13 Halo Nuke Team "Wolf" 1/6 Scale Exclusive Figure Specially Features:

Limited to 500 Units World Wide

Exclusive 1:1 Radioactive Patch

Mr. Wolf Head Sculpt
ES-Body 1.0 Body
Black Gryphon Hybrid Combat Jacket
Wolf Grey Gen2 Combat Pants Navy Cut w/ Black Knee Pads
Wolf Grey Gen2 Combat Shirt Navy Cut
Riggers Belt
Wolf Grey 1961A Chest Rig
M-pact Tactical Gloves
Quest Hiking Boots
Military MFF Parachute Harness
Phantom O2 Mask & Tank system
Wrist Altitude Indicator
Parachutist Navigate Compass
Parachutist Drop Harness
Wolf Grey Airframe Helmet
NVG Shroud
NVG Mount
Wolf Grey GPNVG-18 Night Vision Goggle
MPLS Light
Helmet Camera System
V-lite Strobes
Exo Shield Goggle
Dominator Tactical Headset & PTT
PRC-152 Radio
RED Color Light Stick
MK-141 Grenade
Military Tape
Wolf Grey Two-Tone SCAR W/ 10.5 inch barrel
Wolf Grey Tactical Angled Fore Grip
Wolf Grey Offset Backup Micro T1 Sight
Wolf Grey Tactical Light
Wolf Grey MFTAR Pistol Grip
Wolf Grey LA-5 Laser
Wolf Grey Two-Tone HK45T Pistol
Wolf Grey CNDV-T Thermal scope
Black Tactical Sling
Pistol Mags x3
Iron Sights
1x8 Scope
Striker Suppressor
20rd Magazines x5
Wolf Grey Sheath & Handle RMJ Tomahawk
Wolf Gray Nice Frame Carrying System.
Portable Nuclear Warhead with Carrying Container

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